Giving up your pet is a difficult decision. First and foremost, remember that your pet depends entirely on you to do what's best for his/her future. There are also thousands of other cute, smart and well-trained pets waiting in shelters, so placement will take time, effort and patience. A few things to consider:

  1. Can you return your dog or cat to the breeder, rescue, or person you originally got your pet from? Responsible breeders will either assist you in finding a new home or take the pet back to re-home themselves. Many rescues also state in their contracts that the pet must be returned to them, no matter how much time has passed.
  2. Unwanted behavior? Most chewing, bad potty habits, digging, and other common frustrations can be corrected with proper tools & techniques. Check the resources below to see how you can improve these behaviors.
  3. Moving? There are rental houses & apartments out there that do allow pets. To give yourself a better chance of securing a pet-friendly rental, include references from neighbors, previous landlords and veterinarians & encourage the landlord to meet your well-behaved, flea-free pet! Most of all, allow as much time as possible.
  4. No Time? Dog walking services & doggie daycare are great options for busy humans that love their pets. But getting exercise is good for your health and decreases stress too! Before rehoming your pet, try spending just 15-30 before or after work playing fetch or taking a stroll together. We bet you'll both be happier!
  5. Tight on cash? We all go through hard times. To assist, some organizations offer low-cost veterinary services and free pet food to help families who are struggling to care for their pets financially.




Surrendering Your Pet

Mostly Mutts is currently closed to intakes. We are not accepting new pets at this time.






Our Mission

The mission of Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue and Adoption, Inc. is to work closely with animal control officers and other rescue organizations to reduce the number of animals entering into and being euthanized at local shelters.  Mostly Mutts provides housing, health care, training, physical and emotional care to adoptable animals, while we work toward finding them a loving home.  Mostly Mutts is also involved in the community with education and awareness programs primarily in the Metro Atlanta Area