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Gender: Female
Breed: Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)
Secondary Breed: Mix
Status: Adoptable

'SCIENTIST' THEMED MOMMA: 2 years old / Approx. 41 lbs.

Hi, my name is Mae! I found myself at animal control - pregnant and heartworm positive. Thankfully, Mostly Mutts knew they could provide me with a great foster home where I could raise my babies then go on to find a new family of my very own. Fast forward a few months and … here I am! My babies have all found great new families, and I’ve been treated for the Heart Worms. I also got to participate in the prison foster/training program where I learned a lot. Now it’s my turn to start my best life in a loving home!

• OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS: No dogs in my new home as I am dog reactive when I see them. I'm working with trainers on this behavior and making some progress / No kitties as I react negatively to other animals I see / I was very loving, playful and gentle with the 10-year-old in my former foster home, as well as some kids around that age that I met at Mostly Mutts, so kids around this age may be nice in my new home, and of course, let's meet! Kids should not walk me due to my reaction to other animals.

• PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL: I am a super sweet people lover who really enjoys playing. I am affectionate and a great listener - very attentive to my people. I give the best lean in hugs to the nice volunteers that come to take care of me. I'm looking for a dog savvy owner to have fun with and continue to work with me on my dog reactiveness. I’ve made a lot of great progress on my leash control with my MM trainers, but I should only be walked by an experienced handler, and a fenced backyard is a must for me. / My energy level is around 6-8, so I’m looking for a family to be active with.

• SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY: I'm in the Mostly Mutts University training program, where I've mastered the ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, ‘drop it’, ‘leave-it’, and ‘go to your place’ commands as well as proper door etiquette and accepting friendly strangers without jumping. I like treats so I'm sure you can teach me even more! / I didn't need a crate in my former foster home as I slept well in my dog bed next to my foster's bed. I've been left at home without boundaries for short periods of time and done very well with that, too. At Mostly Mutts I'm doing well in my little room / My potty habits were very good in my former foster home, and I’ve only had a few accidents on the Mostly Mutts schedule. Sometimes I like a little privacy to do my #2 business.

• LIKES/DISLIKES: I like - make that LOVE - people. I want to be as close to them as possible, but not in a needy way. I will hang out with you and keep you company … finding a spot on your lap if allowed and I'll gently use my paw to get your attention for some nice petting. I like to carry soft toys around, so cute. I love to play a lot and I enjoy outside time with people, too. I also love to be scratched all over – what’s better than a good butt scratch or tummy rub? / As mentioned above, I don’t care for other dogs. Really, I am irritated by any animal I see outside - lizards, squirrels, flying bug, etc. I also would not be happy if I did not get the love, training, and attention on which I thrive.

• MEDICAL: I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed.

I am looking for a great dog savvy family to be very active with and love me furever! My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.