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Gender: Male
Breed: Shepherd
Secondary Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Status: Adoptable

A FUN & VERY ACTIVE FRIEND: 1 year old / 34 lbs.

Hi, my name is Haywood! I came to Mostly Mutts from animal control and I am so happy to be part of the Mostly Mutts family since that puts me one step closer to finding my furever home! I got to spend some time in the prison foster/training program off site where I learned a lot and thrived on the training and exercise there!

• OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS: I've met some other dogs at Mostly Mutts and love playing with them, so if you have a dog at home already, let’s meet / I met a kitty at the Mostly Mutts shelter and did well with her, so if you have a dog friendly kitty at home, let's meet / I met some kids at Mostly Mutts, and should not live with kids. I was initially scared of them, but when they moved, I lunged and growled at them.

• PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL: I am a people dog who freely shows my friendly and very affectionate nature. On a recent walk at Kennesaw Mountain, I liked greeting all the people! When on walks with the volunteers, sometimes I pick up a pinecone to carry along the way and we’ve recently discovered that I love carrying a soft stuffed doggie toy on my walks, so cute! Since being back from the prison/foster training program, I’m getting bored with shelter life, so I can be playfully aggressive (never meaning to harm) with the volunteers when they come to walk me. Chewing on the leash, jumping, and sometimes chewing on them a bit (again, never meaning to harm – just out of boredom/excitement). The more exercise I get the less I tend to do this so let’s plan an adventure! Having a soft stuffed toy for me when it’s time to come out and play or go for a walk is helpful, too / My energy level is very high at 7-9 so I’m looking for a family that loves to exercise with their 4-legged friend!

• SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY: I’m a student in the Mostly Mutts University training program, where I have learned a lot! I've mastered the 'sit', 'stay', 'down', 'come', 'drop it', 'leave it' and 'place' commands. I also use proper door etiquette and can accept nice strangers without jumping. I will need a knowledgeable/good leader to show you all of these commands as I just may walk all over a weaker leader. Sorry about that, I just want and need a strong leader! I'm working on my leash manners now, as I zig zag on my walks a bit, can be jumpy and grab the leash, too / My crate manners are good at Mostly Mutts, and we recommend crating me when you’re away as I can be very puppyish and playfully destructive / My potty manners are good at Mostly Mutts and were also good in the prison/foster training program.

• LIKES/DISLIKES: I really like being with people and am all about getting cuddles from them, after some exercise of course. I love belly rubs and the rub down I got during my bath. The volunteers discovered that I love toys and that I like to play catch and will return the ball as well, and on a recent day trip with a volunteer, I showed them how much I love to run in the river and play in water / I would not be happy if I did not get the love, training, exercise, and attention on which I thrive!

• MEDICAL: I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and neutered. I may have some allergies or a hot spot, so I'm trying allergy medication to see if that helps - just ask to see how things are going. I have a slight limp which doesn't seem to cause me pain, but we had it x-rayed and found an old fracture that was never treated and healed on its own but not the best. So, the vet recommends an anti-inflammatory and pain medication which I’m on.

I’m looking for a great leader who will be active with me! My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.