Animal Rescue and Adoptions, Inc. | Atlanta, GA

Our Mission: To reduce the number of animals euthanized at local shelters.

How You Can Help

1) Spay and Neuter Your Pet


Help us control the number of animals being born each day. Puppies and kittens are precious, cute, and cuddly…we love them as much as you do!  But they are being put to sleep (euthanized) daily because the animal population is out of control. As many as 60 animals a day are being turned in to animal control.

The most important thing YOU can do is to make sure your pet(s) are spayed and neutered.

Every litter we rescue is from an 'accidental' pregnancy. Even though you may 'swear' an accident won't happen, it most likely will. Your male and/or female only needs to be out of your sight for 10 minutes. Please don't take a chance because your dogs and cats WILL reproduce.

Spay/neuter will not only prevent accidental pregnancies, but will make your dogs and cats healthier by eliminating the chance of diseases, such as prostate, testicular and uterine cancers.

Spay/neuter will also improve the personality of your pet. It can stop behavior problems like running away, marking, and mounting. 


2) Adoption

Why consider anything else?

These animals and this community NEED you....their life depends on it. Over 100,000 animals are put down a year in just the Metro Atlanta area.

It's a bargain! For a $175.00 (typical) adoption fee, you get a dog that is spay/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested (if over 6 months) and up to date on shots and deworming. Compare that to the $500.00+ you will spend fully vetting a purchased dog…which could cost between $200.00 and $2000.00.

Place your order! You will be amazed at how many purebred dogs are in rescue. Do you want small or large, male or female, long hair or short hair, black, brown, or white? Just let us know and we will find the dog you want.
Feel good saving a life! These animals have a special bond because they know you rescued them. They appreciate the love and attention so much.

3) Volunteer

Volunteer for as little as one hour a month or much more. We can always use good volunteers to help at pet adoptions weekly. Also, there are other opportunities including fostering dogs in your home (see #5 below).

Find out how to become a volunteer with Mostly Mutts.

4) Educate

Help support Mostly Mutt’s “Stop Littering” campaign by educating everyone you know about the importance of spaying/neutering.  There are many people who simply haven’t been told the importance of it, and how it can benefit their pet and our community. Contact us at  for more information or to request literature.  Or, invite us to speak at your next school, club, church, or workplace event!

5) Foster

Mostly Mutts always needs good foster homes.....we could not rescue the number of dogs we do without YOUR help!

Find out how to become a foster family with Mostly Mutts.

6) Donate

Money Donations
Donations are always needed to cover the cost of vet bills associated with caring for these deserving animals. In 2009, vet bills for Mostly Mutts animals exceeded $120,000. Your funding makes it possible for Mostly Mutts to continue finding homes for great dogs. Please give what you can; we appreciate your support! 

Cash donations are greatly appreciated and so are gift cards to pet stores (we prefer PetSmart). Also, Mostly Mutts accepts donations using Paypal. To make a fast, easy, and secure donation to Mostly Mutts, please click on the button below:

Dog Supply Donations

Items Needed:

• Gift cards to PetSmart for food (we use specific food)

• Collars of all sizes (but especially 10”, 12” and 14”)

• Leashes of all sizes

• Bleach

• Paper towels

• Towels (Large beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths)

• Dog beds (used are better)

• "Compressed" chew bones (instead of rawhides)

• Toys made for dogs

• Treats

• Collapsible metal kennels

• Premium flea control items (Frontline, Advantage, Capstar, etc.)

• Prescription flea control items (Comfortis, etc.)

• Heartworm preventative (Heartgard, Sentinel, etc.)

We appreciate your thoughtfulness, but we do not need:

• Newspapers

• Comforters (too difficult to wash)

• Rawhides

• Dry foods (other than what we feed)

• Shampoos

• Non-premium flea control items (Sergeants, Hartz, Adams, Bio Spot, etc.) 

Talent Donations

Do you have a special skill or talent that could benefit Mostly Mutts?  If so, contact us at to let us know about it!

Examples of how you can help:

• If you are handy, we’d love your assistance with shelter repairs and special projects.

• If you are skilled at planning events, you could host a fundraiser.

• If you are good at public speaking/PR, you could help us with speaking engagements, advertising, or other public relations activities.

• If you know about video or music production, you could help us record a CD or movie.

• If you have computer skills, you could help us maintain our website.

We would appreciate any assistance that you could provide. The dogs would love it too!